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Hi, my name is Phil Goins.

I was born in Lincolnton, NC. My Mother left when I was around six years old, and my Dad passed away when I was fifteen. As a young child, I saw some things a child should never have to see. I finished high school and said, “I’m never going back to school again.” Little did I know God had bigger plans. I begin to play music before Dad passed, and really enjoyed performing, and just feeling like I finally fit in somewhere. Dad taught me a few things before he passed. He allowed me to drink, and to smoke pot. I continued that lifestyle while playing music, and holding down a full-time job. Still, something was missing. Something music, working, doing drugs, and partying could not fill. I was married and divorced with two kids, my life was a complete disaster

I remarried in 1994 to my wife Lisa. In the year 2000, my wife Lisa and I went to see a play in Spartanburg, SC, called the Rapture. We both committed our lives to Christ and begin to serve Him. I like to tell people that every choice has a consequence. I was no exception. I developed some diseases along the way, of hard living. Hep-C, an aneurysm that ruptured in the back part of the brain, kidney failure, and the worst, I was even diagnosed with HIV. God has taken care of all of these.For whatever reason He has, and now I am completely healed of all these issues.

I began to lead worship in the year 2001, with an awesome group called Three 16 Band, and I was content being a worship leader. That all changed in 2017 when God called my good friend Greg Spurling home in February 2017.Later that year, after many prayers and confirmation from The leadership team at Freedom Biker Church Network, my wife and I began a new journey as I was confirmed as the new pastor of Freedom Biker Church, in Hickory, NC. I enrolled in Fruitland Bible College in Hendersonville, NC, for some training in 2018. Keep in mind the quote I shared “I’m never going back to school again.” Lisa and I currently serve at Freedom Biker Church, in Hickory, NC, where we continue to love God, and love people. So if your ever in the area, and want to drop in and see what cool things God is doing in the Biker Community, stop in and check us out! 

See Ya down the Road!

Pastor Phil




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