<![CDATA[Freedom Biker Church Hickory, NC - Blog]]>Sun, 21 Jan 2018 06:16:11 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Jonah]]>Sat, 31 Jan 2015 14:26:28 GMThttp://freedombikerchurchhickory.com/1/post/2015/01/jonah.htmlThe book of Jonah is somewhat different from the other prophecy books in the Bible. Usually, prophets gave warnings or instructions to the people of Israel. Instead of that, God told Jonah to evangelize in the city of Nineveh, home of Israel's cruelest enemy. Jonah didn't want those idolaters to be saved, so he ran in the opposite direction. When Jonah ran from God’s call, one of the oddest events in the Bible occurred—Jonah and the BIG Fish. The book of Jonah highlights God's patience and loving-kindness, and his willingness to give those who disobey him a second chance.